Vendor Selection

Selecting a new system and applications for your organization are infrequently made, difficult decisions that can present many challenges. Lack of experience, limited knowledge of possible solutions and time allocation are all common roadblocks to your selection process. iMethods has the experience and knowledge, as well as a comprehensive methodology for vendor selection, that enables you to do what you do best: deliver quality healthcare to your patients.

We carefully assess the specific needs of your organization and identify a system to help you achieve your goals. With input from physicians, administration and your IT department, we first develop a baseline of the information needed for your EHR – considering the history and financial stability of your organization. We take an objective approach to identifying potential vendor partners to fit your criteria. Because of the quality of our processes, your system selection decision becomes less burdensome and more manageable.


Post-Live & Optimization Assessments

Optimizing your EHR system is imperative for achieving a solid return on your investment clinically, financially and operationally. Subscribing to a proactive approach to optimization, iMethods identifies opportunities for improvement long before issues arise. Combining decades of experience with proven best practices, our team of experts assesses potential areas of improvement and provides actionable solutions.

The optimization of EHR systems is a process that requires constant attention and continuous observation. When improvement areas are identified throughout the build, activation and adoption phases, our team systematically prioritizes and recommends adjustments to the system. Beyond go-live and throughout the life of the system, proper organization, execution and communication of an optimization plan will keep an EHR system relevant and efficient.